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The Anglo-America publishes electronically and print books, in addition to its thriving research journals. We are happy to serve our members in a great capacity.

Our offerings reach a broad audience - from scholars to extension educators and university professors, from those highly experienced in field research to those new to our disciplines. We publish a variety of titles with an emphasis on the Inter-disciplinary research. Our well-balanced-rounded collection of books includes textbooks, professional guides, special topics books, multimedia presentations.

Why publish a book?

Publication inclinations proceed to change as technology increases. Upon this issue is the concern that a book publication may not equate to multiple journal publications in high impact academic journals. Although the answer to the question “why publish a book?” is conclusively a personal one for various scientists, we understand that it affects what can be a meaningful decision.

A book publication, for many, serves a capstone to an academic or scientific career as its significance and benefit can last for years. A book publication presents the valuable opportunity to incorporate a broad range of knowledge and experience within one subject area that conveys final thoughts to fair readers.

Reading work by other contributors is imperative to developing your work and helping you learn where to submit your craft. Seeing the works of other writers can also assist you to find agents interested in work comparable to yours, learn current literary drifts, and ascertain how other writers craft inspiring manuscripts.


 In standard, dominant publishing houses do not accept volunteered poetry manuscripts and rarely look at offered fiction or creative nonfiction. Editors at higher publishing companies are more interested in writers who have previously published a book in large-circulation publications.

 We recommend you start your search for a book publisher by looking at small but establishing presses and university presses, which are frequently exposed to the work of new authors or contributor and do not unceasingly demand writers to communicate them through an agent. Despite the fact that they do not have the supplies of larger publishing houses and offer small advances, they are regularly more prepared to assist you to develop as an author even if your books aren't instantly profitable, and they are open to a wider range of writing.

 Identifying Scams

 The fundamental way to identify If the publisher is evasive; If the publisher asks for money or asks the writer to “co-invest” in the publishing investment, be suspicious. More so, if there is a dearth of information on the website, and if their contacts information like the telephone number is not visible to the audience, For example, if the listed number yields solely a tape-recorded message, and your phone (or e-mail) queries go ignored, be cautious.

 In conclusion, make a research of potential publishers before submitting your work to the publisher company, for example, check if the publisher company is registered and regulated by the necessary regulatory authority where they are registered.